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WinkUp - September 2014

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he said “i’m so sleepy” and arita hit him for real

shitsurei yoooo ohkuraaaaa!!!!!!! XD

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School Kakumei 29/06/14


School Kakumei 29/06/14

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preview of ONE OK ROCK’s new song ????!!!!

EDIT: aww sorry guys it looks like the video is already down ! Well, I can tell you that it is not a mind blowing song but it sounds like a nice soft rock song.

re-EDIT: I found a new link !! START 0:33 then 1:08

Preview of Rurouni Kenshin Desetsu no Saigo Hen (The Legend Ends) and a new song from ONE OK ROCK. As you may know by now, Fukuyama Masaharu has finally been confirmed as Hiko Seijuro XIII. ^^x

Seriously guys, it sounds like something nickelback would put out… is Toru competing for Avril’s attention? HAHAHA!!!!

Definitely not as bass heavy as The Beginning or MLF. And, yes, mid-tempo ballad, I agree, Mie. It’s not going to be earth shattering. But maybe it’ll be a nice middle ground. Just NOT another Pieces, please and thanks.

OK !!!! i’m not going to touch your foods.

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the spicy food challenge with ONE OK ROCK.

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